Versatile Blogger Award Nominations


It’s been a busy start to the school year. I am now teaching a kindergarten enrichment program full time, which means I have a morning group and an afternoon group. The program offers children the opportunity for extended learning experiences beyond the regular school day which is two hours and forty minutes long. Being that I have a passion for the arts, all of the curriculum is arts integrated!

I began this blog in January of 2012 as a place to reflect on my art teaching (and learning) experiences. I write when inspiration strikes. I take photos of my students just about every day, so the photos are an important part of sharing what’s going on in my classroom “corner of the world”.

I began blogging because I was inspired by reading the book Julia and Julia. I also was inspired by some incredible bloggers! Some are parents that homeschool and some are educators. All are wonderful, and I really feel privileged to be able to peek in on what’s going on in their “corners of the world”.

Thankyou Little Hands, Big Art for your nomination! My afternoon group is quite challenging to say the least! When I arrived home and found the notification of the nomination in my e-mail it really turned my day around!

In order to receive the reward, Franciful Arts  must participate in the rules required by the status of this award. They are as follows:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog. CHECK!

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you. CHECK!

3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award. SEE BELOW!

4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.  (Still trying to work out the bugs with this part!)

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. CHECK!

I’d like to nominate the following blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award too!

1.Teacher Tom

Tom Hobson shares the wonderful things happening at Woodland Park Preschool and is truly inspirational!

2. Artful Explorations in Nature

Taran Pappas comes up with great ideas for getting outdoors for art inspiration. Not sure if she’s currently teaching, but she is definitely enjoying creating nature inspired art!

3. The Natural Playground

This Scottish blogger is an outdoor educator doing some wonderful explorations of nature and the outdoors with her students.

4. Julie Liddle, Art in Hand

I have enjoyed reading about Julie’s art education classes for preschoolers. She has some lovely play based activities.

5. Acorn Pies

Beth is definitely versatile!  She paints portraits, she quilts and sews, she teaches art at her son’s school, tells stories, and travels!  I love reading about all her adventures in Switzerland and across Europe, and I love seeing all the projects she’s involved with!

6. Chocolate Muffin Tree

Lots of lovely hands on art activities for young children are shared on this blog by an art educator that’s enjoying time at home with her daughter.

7. Awe Filled Wonder

Love this Canadian Kindergarten Teacher’s approach to learning through play and hands-on experiences!

8. Evergreen Art

A very special art teacher friend of mine writes this blog about her choice based art program in Western Washington.

9. Camp Creek Blog

A wonderful blog by Lori Pickert. Lori formerly operated a Reggio inspired primary grades school. Now she is homeschooling her own two children using project based learning techniques.

10. Bakers and Astronauts

Allie Pasquier’s reflective art education blog is one you shouldn’t miss!

11. Jump for Joy

A photo blog of all different kinds of folks jumping and leaping. Most of the photos are taken in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

12. Growing a Jeweled Rose

This mother of two girls really knows how to cook up some great play experiences. She shares her recipes and the joy of messy fun!

13. Learn Play Imagine

Another great blog that has lots of recipes for hands-on messy play!

14. Artful Parent

Art educator and mom  Jean Van’t Hul shares wonderful drawing ideas and supports open ended art experiences.

15. Choosing Choice

Julie Toole, Chicago art educator shares her choice based art classroom and student art!


Kindergarten students practiced cutting strips of paper and then had a wonderful time turning the strips into all kinds of wonderful creations!

Now for 7 things about Franciful Arts Blog!

1. I have fun coming up with titles for my blog posts!

2.Generally it’s a brief moment in my day of teaching art that inspires me to write.

3. It’s frustrating that I can’t post my best photos of the students grinning ear to ear while creating or with their creations. On the other hand….I appreciate that I can post photos that show them at work.

4. I hope to share more in depth information in a future blog post about teaching my students to sew stuffed animals from socks so you can try it or share it with your children and  students!

5. My students’ art is a tremendous inspiration to me as an artist!

6. I like to plunge up to my elbows in messy art! After all…I’m washable, and so are my students, and my classroom!

7. I’m proud to be a member of the National Art Education Association, and am looking forward to the next conference in San Diego this spring!  I’m going to be a presenter with another art teaching friend from the TAB/choice professional learning community!


About francifularts

I am an independent art educator. I had my first experience teaching ceramics when I was 24 and worked in the University for Youth program at the University of Denver. As an elementary school teacher I always found myself integrating the arts across the curriculum, which led to me working as an artist in the schools. In May of 2008 I began a master's program with Lesley University in their Creative Arts in Learning Program. It was a truly transformative and incredible experience which led me to decide to devote the rest of my teaching career to teaching art, and through the arts. About the same time that I completed my master's degree in January of 2011 I was hired to teach art in two different programs. I have never been happier in my work as a teacher, and I really appreciate the wonderful professors and cohort of fellow teachers I studied with at Lesley University. I also want to thank all of the wonderful arts educators that I have met online through the TAB/choice list serv for their thoughtful posts and insightful suggestions for teaching art!
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3 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award Nominations

  1. I’m disappointed that except for one blog, the links did not work. I will have to see if I can get this to update tomorrow, so the links work. Tonight I’m going to bed so I can be fresh for another day of school tomorrow!

  2. Beth says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! Maybe this will get me blogging again! It is so nice to know I had something to give you. Beth

  3. Beth I’ve really missed your blog! I hope you will resume sharing your art, travels, and the wonderful projects you and your son enjoy together! Your photo stories about the woodland family inspired me to have my students try creating photo stories with their sockpets. I know that writing a blog is time consuming, and I have really marveled at bloggers like Tom Hobson that write a post nearly every day! I know I’m lucky to write one per month! I really enjoy your blog! I was inspired to hunt down a recipe for traditional Belgian waffles, and make some after reading your post about visiting a Belgian waffle restaurant! I first read your blog when it was featured in the Crafty Crow because you had a post about creating a cardboard castle. I loved the photos of the real castle you posted and learned quite a few new castle terms I hadn’t heard of before. Hope you are enjoying a lovely end of summer in Switzerland!

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