10 Awesome Kindergartens in the World!

These schools are beautiful spaces for children. From experience I know that even humble learning spaces can be very lively places that children’s imaginations can soar in. Hopefully schools like these can inspire more municipalities to embrace fanciful as well as functional aspects in their building designs!


Crèche de la Girafe – Paris, France


Educational Centre – Granada, Spain


Fuji Kindergarten – Tokyo, Japan


Fagerborg Kindergarten – Oslo, Norway


Sarreguemines Nursery – Lorraine, France


Els Colours – Barcelona, ​​Spain


Aadharshila Vatika – New Delhi, India


Wolfartsweier Kindergarten – Karlsruhe, Germany


Loop Kindergarten – Tianjin, China


Ecole Maternelle Pajol – Paris, France


source: perierga.gr

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About francifularts

I am an independent art educator. I had my first experience teaching ceramics when I was 24 and worked in the University for Youth program at the University of Denver. As an elementary school teacher I always found myself integrating the arts across the curriculum, which led to me working as an artist in the schools. In May of 2008 I began a master's program with Lesley University in their Creative Arts in Learning Program. It was a truly transformative and incredible experience which led me to decide to devote the rest of my teaching career to teaching art, and through the arts. About the same time that I completed my master's degree in January of 2011 I was hired to teach art in two different programs. I have never been happier in my work as a teacher, and I really appreciate the wonderful professors and cohort of fellow teachers I studied with at Lesley University. I also want to thank all of the wonderful arts educators that I have met online through the TAB/choice list serv for their thoughtful posts and insightful suggestions for teaching art!
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